Thursday, June 10, 2010

Driving Lesson #10: WHY??

Wow back behind the horse again and was she gassy! Now that I can ride as much as I want, I am doing driving lessons again. After all I can't drive without my trainer, I have nothing to drive except for the horse. Well sort of, I think we have worked out a plan, but she will won't be mine until the end of the month if I can scrounge up the money and she isn't sold as part of a team.

So I got out there early and started grooming Corrie. I love this part of getting to know a horse. She has dapples. Her blaze as two little points on either side. She needs a good bath to see what her legs really looks like, socks or just lighter. All the little swirls and cow licks on her face. Those are the little things that when I notice I think, I wonder who else knows that Corrie has a long cow lick in the middle of her face? I just feel that much closer to her.

I had her all groomed and harnessed up. R rush in through after another lesson. As I was getting her into the shafts, with a bit of difficulties, he ran out again. He was in and out but felt that as I had every thing under control, this was just something that Corrie and I had to work out for ourselves. We did. When he came back she was standing calmly in the shafts, nice and centered.

It was a beautiful day to drive! Sun shined down on us without excess heat. Very little wind. Just a nice day to drive down the road, discussing the ins and outs of driving, riding, and life in general. I guess that is one reason that I like to drive. Instead of needing a horse for every person, one horse can be shared by many. Like sitting at booth in a restaurant, chit chatting about life while sipping on coffee, driving has the same relaxed feeling.

Well it can be relaxing unless you have someone next to you asking you why you do everything you do. EVERYTHING, "Why did you do that?" "What was that supposed to accomplish?" I love that question when what I meant to accomplish really didn't work. Oh that was sarcasm if it didn't come through clearly enough. And I pay for this! This is all meant a bit tongue in cheek. I really do learn a lot about why I do what I do and why I should not do some of the things I do. I leave and think. I tend to get wrapped up in thoughts anyway, so these questions make me ponder the ins and outs of riding/driving.

Today I was feeling a bit frustrated. First of all Corrie was being a bit sluggish. Not uncommon for her but we are working through that. But R was making me think a bit outside the box to get her moving, as well as wondering why I wanted her to move out a bit more. Not that he didn't think she should be a bit more forward, but I have to think about why.

At the same time, since we are not always on the road, I have to think about keeping her at a gait I choose, not letting her trot just because the terrain got uneven or she sees a lawn mower over at the church. Not to mention keeping the reins even over uneven terrain. So she accidentally slips up into the trot, grrr. Response, "you knew at least three stride before hand that she was going to trot." Well yes I did, but. . . What this really tells me is that R holds me to a high standard, and that is good. But grr anyway, because I get frustrated with myself when I am not doing as well as I think I should.

Now to be fair, I did a lot of things right, we got Corrie better at stepping out and worked on transitions. She seems to have an odd lawn mower fetish, she is not scared of them, but really interested in them. I think she is jealous that they are eating grass when she has to work. Looking all around her is another thing I am trying to correct and as smart as Corrie is, she is a mare. I love that about her. She is not hot, but she is not simple.

So the lesson was good. Reminded me that as simple as driving seems some days, it is that complex on others. But life is good. I am working with a horse again.


  1. "Well it can be relaxing unless you have someone next to you asking you why you do everything you do."

    When I have people that I am giving carriage rides to that are asking every question (or even better if they think they know all the answers ;) ) I start asking them if they know the different parts of the harness, lines, blinkers, back pad etc then I ask them what the part under the horses tail is. Most people surprisingly know and reply smartly it's the cupper. Heres where I come in with a big grin and exclaim "Yeah but every horses ass knows that!" Heheh. Hehe. heh.

    And the gas you recieve when driving is affectionately known as "Poopie dust" which my friend dave discovered one day when he was yaking away at my friend Michelle and I in the front seat tastes apparently bitter. Thanks for that one Dave now I will never have to taste horse farts to find out they are bitter LOL!

  2. Oh Sydney. . . lol that was a bad one. . ."every horses ass" lol

    And I think I could have gone my whole life and not know that "poopie dust" is bitter. . .YUCK! I will keep my mouth closed for sure from now on. lol


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