Thursday, June 24, 2010

Opps a little too much

I ride just about every day now. It is so wonderful! I love it.

For the last few days I have been going when it was really hot though, just how my schedule worked out. I went out on Wednesday and I was in shorts and thought, I'll just hop on bareback.

Okay on March 11 was my first ride. I rode twice that month. April I rode twice and twice in May. That is a total of 6 times before June. On June 3 I had my 7th lesson and was the first time I rode Corrie. Total I have has have 8 riding lesson. It has only been for the past three weeks that I have been able to just go out and ride. And only the last two weeks that I have been riding almost everyday. Why I am I repeating all this? Because I have not had that many ride yet, maybe 23 or 24 total ride in the past 3 years. Most in the last month.

So back to my story. I took Corrie out, groomed her up. Lined her up next to the fence and slipped on. We walked to the middle of the arena and I could just feel it. If she spooked even a little I was going to come off. Where has my balance gone? I slipped off before something bad happened and saddled up.

Oh I am so happy that I got on her, but I honestly could not have ridden her bareback yet. She was very "up" for her. We had two minor spooks and both time I though, well that would have gone badly if I didn't have this saddle. Such a disappointment but having really thought about how long it really has been, I guess I am not doing too bad.

* * *

I found a bitless bridle I can borrow. It is a Dr. Cook's knock off. I have thought about trying it out on Corrie but just have not worked up the nerve to try it. I don't know why, I don't use a lot of rein anyway. Maybe sometime this weekend I will put it on her and see what happens.


  1. Don't be afraid to make that bitless switch. If it is an amish made dr.cook knock off make sure you use the adjustment guidelines for the dr.cook. Most of the problems people encounter is because the bridles are incorrectly fitted.
    The biggest fear bitless is the horse will not stop. Remember the horses motor is his hind end, if you can do a circle the hind end must disengage, making it impossible for a horse to run off if hes doing a tight circle.

  2. Im glad Im not the only one who has no balance bareback, I ride quite a bit and still getting on bareback makes me feel like I am just starting riding. Guess I should just do it more often till it feels normal.

  3. It's okay. A little fear is a good thing. You'll get your balance back. Have you started riding without stirrups yet? That's a good way to transition back to riding bareback.

    And congrats on the bridle! I really want to find one for Chrome when I get to the bridling stage.


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