Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riding Lesson # 8: MUCH better day!

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am all about being positive, but sometimes we all get a reality check right? I guess mine just bounced yesterday. It happens to all of us doesn't it?
Today was a better day. I went out and asked Sensei for another lesson this week, not something I can really afford to do very often but I needed a boost and I wanted to know we were moving in the right direction.
I wanted to have him help with some issues with Corrie, he has never seen me ride Corrie. She, of course, was on her best behavior. I was almost begging her to do some of the behaviors that we have been struggling with, not that we were perfect and Sensei found some key points we need to work on, well I have to work on. Which I honestly think is a positive reflection on the bond we are forming and improvements we are making. Both of us are getting in better shape. I still feel a bit uncoordinated and so does Corrie at times.

I mean looks at her, she is a bit of a hippo right now. lol

I really have a lot of you to thank. Your blogs have encouraged me and opened my mind to new ideas. You guys have shown me all the fun riding is which was really motivation to get back at it, I have lived vicariously though so many of your blogs. Not to mention all the positive and encouraging comments. Thanks guys!


  1. See your doing great. Everyone really has a bad day now and then don't be too hard on yourself.

  2. Glad things improved!

  3. Corrie is sooo cute. Love that Haffie belly! I am glad you come to visit Bodhi and I at our blog too! It has been great to read about your journey and seeing how successful you have already become! Congrats!

  4. Its always interesting to me, I know so many people who have a fear of riding, but Im glad to see you are working through it! And you seem to be having fun aat the same time. And eveyone is entitled to a bad day, glad it got so much better.

  5. Glad to hear that things went better. Funny how they never do the "bad" things we want when we have help. LOL

  6. OMG! I just found your blog and can't believe how much we have in common! I was first attracted by Corrie. She is a cutie! I bought a Haflinger team last year at a sale - weak moment...they tugged at my heart strings. I am riding them, but they have very little experience and I hadn't ridden in a looongggg time, so I was (and still am) out of shape. I know this is contributing to some of the issues I have when I ride...for example, I find myself getting unbalanced as I trot because my legs aren't holding me as well as they did when I was a kid. I also have only cantered a few times. I used to gallop all over the place, race behind the hounds, etc. my advancing age I am intimidated by it, so I've been taking it easy. One of my guys, Doc, doesn't like to walk straight either - whether under saddle or in the harness! Drivng is new to me and it feels so scary to be behind the horse instead of on top of him. I feel very out of control.
    I can't wait to read more about your riding and driving. Oh, and weight loss too - I did weight watchers (again) and made my goal last year. I've been able to keep it off, so far. But, I know the struggles having had trouble with weight almost all of my life. I used to kinda look like Corrie!

  7. Good for you for getting back on there and pushing through disappointment. It's not easy!

    Glad you had a good lesson and have some things to work on.

  8. Thanks all for your encouragement. I have to admit I think Corrie is a pretty special little horse too. ;)

    Livingadrea2: glad to have you here!

  9. Alright! Gotta love those good lessons to pump you back up after a bad one lol! You're doing great. I'm so glad you found Corrie. I hope it works out to where you can buy her.

  10. I don't think I've ever seen a cuter hippo than Corrie! hehe!
    And aren't hippos related to horses somehow?

    I need to get back onto some kind of diet, as I'm beginning to feel like a poor mare having to cart my hippo butt around. gah!

    I love blogging for the reason that we can connect with other like minded folks and show support and encouragement for one another.

    If it weren't for such a wonderful network of kind and helpful folks in this blog world I think I would have given up blogging a long time ago.

    Keep up the terrific work!


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