Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday: ticker

Look way down at the bottom of my blog. . . I kind of tried to hide it. . . and you will see a ticker. It doesn't tell how much I weigh, but how much I have to lose. So far I have lost 18 lbs. I have 87 more to go. That it a lot of weight.

I am struggling. I have hit a wall, I have a hard time getting below this block and into the next set of 10's. I really want to get below this mark. I have been thinking about why it is so hard for me and right now I am not exactly sure but I think I have some ideas.

So I have done a few things.

1) 1 diet Coke a day. I used to drink 5 or 6. I kid you not. We would go through Diet Coke like nobody's business. One day, it just didn't taste right to me. So I went out and got a bunch of carbonated canned water, Diet 7-up, and Diet Squirt. Well I have managed to not start drinking the Diet Coke again. I have maybe one Diet 7 up or Diet Squirt the rest is water. Eventually I want to switch to plain water, but one step at a time.

2) Eat healthier snacks. I am SO in love with frozen grapes. They are so great! I love them. They are a cool and refreshing snack.

3) Ground drive Ike and/ or Abby every day. I did Abby today, that was work out! I have been doing Ike most night but I did a little ground work with Sophie instead. I really felt good about Sophie and Abby.

I know that doing little things like this will help so much. Next week I will make a few more little changes. So hopefully on every Wednesday you will see that little ticker go down.


  1. Plateaus are so hard, Beth. You have to ignore them (easier said than done, I know)to break through them. You've lost 18 pounds already, and that might have seemed impossible once upon a time. Way to go.

  2. 18 lbs! Good for you! Plateaus definitely stink big time. Have you checked out Sparkpeople.com? I was using it for a while and I really appreciated the inspiration and the information there. You might want to give it a try.

    It's the little changes that make a difference. Keep up the good work.

  3. You've made great progress - it'll take time but you'll get there!

  4. A radio station in my area does something called "Motivation by Humiliation". It is a weight loss program for our community and here is how it works. The person desiring to lose weight has to take a picture of themselves in a bikini or bathing suit at their starting point. They then set their weight loss goal. If they don't meet that goal, the photo gets posted on their website, hence the "motivation by humiliation" title. LOL I guess it really keeps people motivated...those who dare to enter!!! :)

    18lbs is GREAT! Don't think about the plateau, think about the success you have already achieved!! Thinking about the positives will keep you excited and motivated!!

  5. I love the ticker at the bottom of the blog, it's so creative and courageous too. I'm always dieting too and need to lose some pounds myself. There always seems to be that plateau though, that's so hard to overcome. I try to do some exercise everyday too and cut out all snacks. I can tell you it's pretty hard to stick to. Good luck.

  6. I'm proud of you for working on cutting out the soda. I've been drinking water only (except for the occasional sprite for an upset stomach or mountain dew for an energy kick) since I was between ten and twelve and I have to say it's one of the best things you can do for your health. In fact I had a guy come into work today saying something about there being a link between soda and heart disease so I looked it up. This is what I found http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,290502,00.html It's an interesting read.

    Anyway be proud of your accomplishment so far. You're doing great. Stick with it and remember to get plenty of exercise. Diet doesn't work by itself.

    Oh and do you just buy fresh grapes and freeze them yourself? I've never heard of freezing them. Sounds interesting. I'll have to try it because I'm bad about letting fruit go bad and they'd last a lot longer in the freezer. :)

  7. Way to go! What a great idea using the ticker, too. I just noticed you've now lost almost 20 lbs. You're moving off that annoying plateau after all. Yay!

    The biggest change I've made is removing coke from my diet. My hubby is no help. He knows that cherry and vanilla cokes are my downfall and that I enjoy them like a dessert.
    He will buy them when he comes hom from Philly and stash them in the garage fridge. This is a little easier for me, as I don't like to waste energy going out to the garage (yeh, I'm lazy. lol!), so I tend to forget they're out there.

    I've never liked the flavor of diet sodas and all the artificial chemicals scare me. I just figure, if I'm going to enjoy a coke, then let me drink it straight with no nasty after taste.

    So, now instead of drinking several cokes a day, I only drink maybe one. I do allow myself a fountain coke if we go out to eat, like at Subway....which can be dangerous because they allow you to have free refills. gah!

    You're inspiring me to refocus my efforts at weight loss. I need to lose about 30 lbs, especially off my hips. These saddle bags excaserbate (sp?) my hip displasia and make it difficult for me walk up stairs and go hiking.

    I'll have to try the frozen grapes, too. Such a wonderful healthy sweet snack with antioxidants, too.

    Good luck! You CAN do it!



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