Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday: Support for the Girls

Yup another post that is about support. When overcoming any obstacle we need support, sometimes lots of it. Like many women I have a particular need for support when exercising or trotting. Yup ladies, my girls and I need support.

For some a good bra is anything you can grab. I happen to not be one of those women. I am rather endowed, as they say. That won't change that much as I lose weight, I just happen to be larger in the boobs department. How I hate women telling me I am lucky, really there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. So keeping the girls in control during trotting or exercising is of the up most importance.

Unfortunately it is hard to find a good sports bra for, shall we say, a shapely lady such as myself. I guess bra makers figure we aren't going to exercise. Maybe a good bet, but when we do decide to get in shape we have difficulties getting the support we need. Help often comes from the most unlikely places doesn't it?

At the Columbus Carriage Classic was a vendor from Essential Bodywear. Inc. As I was walking around looking at hats, harnesses, and what nots, a woman called out to me. "Can I support you today?" Well, although I was a little embarrassed, I was even more embarrassed the last time I was riding and my boobs were bouncing all over the place. So I let her show me the heaviest duty sports bra I have ever seen. According to the sales rep a lot of the woman on The Biggest Loser wear these bras.

This this has it all! Wide straps over the shoulders, so it doesn't dig into my shoulders or fall off. The back has complete support, it rises high on the back and has criss crossing fabric to give plenty of strength. This is not a shaping bra, you do end up with a uniboob, but everything is so well held together it makes it totally worth it. It was incredibly comfortable considering its function and it has the added bonus of helping you have good posture!

Getting into it was one thing, but once I was all snapped in I tried the bounce test. Awesome! No bounce and I have to sit up straight too! I bought one on the spot and came home and played Wii Active.

Wii Active is a much better workout than Wii fit. In Wii Active there is more jumping and running in place. Just moving in general. It is hard to do with your girls leaping out of their hammock. Because I get a much better workout with Wii Active, I would prefer to do that. Well the Ultimate Sports Bra passed the Wii Active test. I could run in place with no escapes!

The big test of course was riding. I rode Corrie on Sunday outside in the round pen. It was our first time outside. I was nervous and she was a little too. After walking around and around like a pony ride at a carnival, I finally settled us both down. So I asked for a trot. Wow! I felt like I could sit up and put my shoulders back. Something that is hard with extra jiggalage. This bra totally passed the trotting test.

At $66 it is expensive, but on of those expenses that was well worth it. Especially if most sports bras you are able to find are a joke. I got mine in a the next side smaller than the vendor had first suggested, but I think that with weight loss on my mind it was the best plan, I want to be able to wear this bra for awhile.

Speaking of Wii Active. I started the 30 challenge on Sunday. I have never made it to the end of a challenge yet. This time I will! I mean, I WILL. Or or. . . I don't don't know, I am not posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit though. I like you guys to much to do that to you.


  1. HA! I completely understand your "support issues"! Myself, I used a layered concept. 18 hour, or similar super support bra, with sports bra over it... and ideally, a tank or shirt with a shelf bra. With that many layers there's no escape (and did I mention that my arena is next to a road... escaping would be... BAD).

    And I'm with you on no bathing suit. I blame tan lines (because a big white booty and thighs just looks SO much bigger!)

  2. I dont have the big boob problem, my sister got them all, lol. But it sounds like a good deal and it really works.

  3. I feel fortunate to be one of those grab and wear girls. I don't see how people having big boobs is a good thing. Back problems, bra finding problems and if you jump too high you might just get a black eye when they smack you in the face ;) hahah.

  4. It's great you found something that works for you. I know how uncomfortable it can be riding with those things flopping around. I don't have the problem, but I've know other who do and it's miserable.

    You can do this challenge. I've got to start something too, just haven't decided what yet.

  5. ha ha, i have the same problem so i can totally sympathize! that bra looks like my Enell version which i LOVE and couldn't live (or ride) without. if you are looking for support with shape for any reason, i highly recommend the edith lances extra full minimizer - looks great and works! good luck!

  6. I have your problem of being too well endowed also. I get the same thing about being told I'm lucky. I disagree lol. They are literally a pain in the neck, shoulder and back. I'm glad you found a good sports bra! It makes a huge difference. I feel more confident and have better posture when I'm wearing a properly fitted bra or sports bra. :)


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