Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday: Riding as a work out

Rollie Pollie, oh I mean, Corrie and I worked together this week.

With the help of this site: Calorie Counter I can calculate how many calories I burn while engaging in horsey activities.

For me:
I burn 105 calories for 10 minutes of grooming. To make it an even work out, I will groom the left side of the horse with my left hand the the right with my right.

I burn 89 calories for 2o minutes of walking.

I burn 230 calories for 20 minutes of trotting.

Those are not huge numbers but they are numbers that add up.

My actual work out was more walking and less trotting but that is just an example. Corrie and I are both out of shape. Trotting on Corrie is really hard if I want to post because she has the rolliest trot I have ever ridden. It is really quite comfortable to sit, but doesn't help me burn more calories to sit. I probably burn more at the walk because I use quite a bit more leg than a normal walk should entail.

All that being said her walk and trot are getting better. Now we just need to get from the trot to the walk with out making a layover at the halt.

Alas it has been hard this week. My brother and his family are here this week. That means extra treats because we all get together and eat. I have had cake, Culver's Custard, and various other bad crap.


  1. Cute...! You go for it, I am behind you all the way and with you too. My new Easy walker horseshoes have actually helped my excercise routine my mare is not sore..we cantered for like 3 minutes straight the other day..I am still feeling it in my tummy! GREAT!

    Your work on Corrie is sounding fabulous! ON that walk transition... Try thinking walk..but push her on 2 out of 3 times, and the 3rd..then, actually walk...she won't get used to doing one thing, as you transition down..but the half halt will make her anticipate YOUR next aide..and maybe it could be a canter question...cause she is forward...even coming down into walk!I know...some time till then, but..looking forward is good~

  2. Corrie sounds like a real winner there.

  3. Ya know, riding feels like it should burn a whole lot more calories then that! Oddly though, my hiney isn't getting any smaller. Hmm, maybe there's a correlation?

    Keep it up though! Every time I read your blog, I get motivated to add n a bit extra work. I keep telling myself that one day I WILL look like those Olympic riders.... skinny legs and all.

  4. Ha! That picture is sooooooo me!! I'm one of the world's best procrastinators lol.

    Don't worry about eating bad when you have company. Stressing over it is probably worse for you than the food lol (for me it would be anyway because I stress a lot). You can get strict again when they go home. :) Enjoy yourself!

  5. KK: Thanks for the encouragement. I know what you mean about your tummy, I get all excited when I have a sore muscle. :) Corrie is getting better about trot to walk. I try to half halt and then just be ready for her.

    Sydney: Thanks! I really think she is a winner too.

    Pinzgauer:Awww Thanks, that really makes me feel good to know that you get some motivation from what I write. :D

    achieve1dream: I loved that cartoon, it is just so hard to "JUST DO IT" some days. :)


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