Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Of ME!

I just can not believe that I can just ride a horse with no fear, well, only a little fear. I mean it is in an arena and I still have issues but it is a long way from sitting in front of the tv playing a game video about riding. I think back to months ago: the fall, the recovery, getting back on a horse, taking lessons, driving, riding, it seems like such a long way. I never really thought I would actually be comfortable on a horse again. So now that it is June, it just seems like a good time to look back and see how my goals for this year are going.

Goals for 2010:
1) Start riding my own horse.
*well if Corrie is to by my horse then I can check this one off, but maybe I should wait until she is actually mine.
2) Ride my own horse walk/ trot/ canter.
*walk and trot are solid and I think I am going to wait for winter for the canter. I really am trying to get outside.
3) Start working with Kinsey on Training level dressage work.
*sadly this one will never be met, but if exchange Corrie for Kinsey, I am on my way.
4) Take a few lessons from a dressage trainer.
*gee when I wrote this I don't think that I even was thinking about taking driving lessons. I would still like to have a dressage trainer out sometime before the end of the year but I am really learning a lot from R. I am even thinking of putting "dressage" on hold and think more about "just" riding.
5) Lose at least 4 lbs. a month. That is really low. I am actually hoping for 8lbs. 4 lbs a month and I will be half way through my weight loss by the end of the year, 8lbs and I will be done.
*I have really sucked on this one, sucked big time actually but that is why I am going back and looking at my goals, to remind myself of what I wanted to do this year.

I am adding a #6. I really want to go on at least one trail ride this year. At the time I said that I really had no idea how that was going to come about, but now I think it is actually possible. Woo Hoo.

As I read these goals they seem so simple yet I remember writing them and thinking that no way was I really going to be able to meet them. Now it actually does seem possible.


  1. Well you still have a bunch of 2010 to go and you are well on your way!

  2. Congratulations! seems you are almost through all your goals for the year!

  3. Good goals and good progress!

  4. Goals help you keep focused - you're doing well on most of them! Here's to a great recap in December...

  5. That is really awesome! You are doing really great! I definitely think you can accomplish your goals. Don't worry about falling behind on the weight loss. It sounds like you've been really busy! Didn't you say you had a Wii Fit? If so you need to get back on it and you'll start losing the weight again like you were before. Everyone hits plateaus. Just don't let it get you down.


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