Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inavertant Learning

Whenever you are with your horse you are training. Oh yeah, how many times have we read or been told that. It makes sense, I am sure that we all agree with that statement.

But what are we training our horses to do?

Well I realized the other day that I have taught my horses something I never intended to.

Okay let me explain. I have a dry lot that my horses are in for the night and at least half the day, none of them needs that much grass. Then I open the gate and they run off to the pasture to gorge themselves on grass, roll and run. In the evening I take a little stroll out to the pasture and herd them back up. Often they see me coming and just run off to the dry lot. They know the drill. I don't normally turn them out until I have worked them or I work them after they have had fun in the sun. I'm too lazy I guess.

Abby is at R's where he has a very similar, although much nicer, set up. So I went out to get her the other day. She would not be caught but instead allowed herself to be herded up to the dry lot area and I caught her with ease. I thought it was a bit odd. I had not made the connection yet, but the next day when we went through the same routine it dawned on me. Oh My Gosh, I just taught my horse not to be caught in the pasture.

It is just a matter of routine, I never gave it much thought. Arg.

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  1. That is an interesting observation. I think my horses have me trained better than I have them trained.


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